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We will be conducting our environmental workshop during the forthcoming mid-week holidays. During our last expedition under our itinerary of “preserving natural resources,” we surveyed the origin of a perpetual fountain in the vicinity. Last Poya Day 35 of our members were involved in this project and planted varieties of rare species of trees and shrubs around the dense area where we discovered the birthplace of this fountain.

We will be continuing this project and planning to explore one more starting point of a fountain and treat the surrounding by planting trees. Mostly our expeditions will be on Poya days. We will be collecting information about these places in order to add data to the intended booklet covering these discoveries. The unmolested nature surrounded by scenic beauty and the panoramic view of the far countryside which we enjoyed during our expedition too worth remembering.

Our youth is enthusiastic and energetic. But we know that we cannot walk into the surroundings to halt all pollution to our environment. So we will be conducting a seminar and a house to a house education program to give laymen of the village a brief idea of what is environmental pollution, sources of water pollution, values of a pollution-free environment, and demonstrations of proper disposal of the rubbish. Also, we will convince them how their simple and effortless involvement could support the whole village to build a clean healthy environment.

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