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Lakaruna started its links with LearnAid in 2006.This was an important development for us. LearnAid is a Kuwait-based organization that is involved in promoting education for under-privileged children. It was formed by a few Sri Lankans living in Kuwait and their friends from some other countries. LearnAid hashelped in the education of many deserving children in our country. It conducts computer courses in Kuwait, free of charge, for the benefit of Sri Lankans employed in Kuwait. At the start of 2007, we were able to get 10 PIII computers, 21 pen drives, and office and classroom equipment through LearnAid. We bought the computers from Zeropia, Kandy. With the discount we got from Zeropia, we managed to buy two additional computers. 12 children received these computers. The money for the donation had come as contributions from those who attend the classes given by LearnAid in Kuwait. We are glad that officials of LearnAid havebeen with us on three occasions already. The visits gave them a chance to see for themselves how we operate and the progress we have made.

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