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Laksaviya Foundation

Our Main Sponsor Since 2006

Lak Saviya Foundation has been supporting LakAruna Foundation since 2006 in various ways. We launched our first website In December 2003 and it’s hosted in free site for a long time, So they understood our requirements and came to hand us. They paid all host and registration fee. It’s a big donation for us. As a small organization comes from very rural village this gift made us greater pleasure. 

We came this journey so far with one computer. There are over 100 members in our organization. Every evening over 10 members are gathering to centre. We badly need a few computers with laptops that is use for Internet & E-mail We forward our most necessary requirements to the Lak Saviya Foundation and they have given us 12 Pentium 3 computers and 2 laptops, which they could supply immediately.

No only that Lak Saviya Foundation has been supporting LakAruna Foundation in various ways including: provision of computers, books, teachers’ salaries, improving library facilities, and funding for an administrator to ensure good governance. 

In February 2013, Lak Saviya Foundation purchased a land and constructed a modern building to operate the Education Centre at a cost of A$46,000.