When we start this club we had only 12 members and now we are happy to say that today we have around 100 members with 8 team leaders and 11 officers. We started our club in 2002.03.17 with only one computer that Belongs to our instructor. It was very difficult to proceed studies, Then we decided to get a computer to deliver home to home. So we got together and discussed about our dream, which was to obtain a computer for our club.For our good fortune after six month our instructor could meet with Prasanne who was the Father at the Buttala Church. He kindly considered our organization and we were given a P1 multimedia computer. We were very happy and it was a great donation for us to proceed with our computer education and develop our organization. Gradually the number of members increased. Now even though we had a computer we didn’t have a permanent place to keep it and make use of it.

Now we have very clever members who are very interested and motivated about computers. We also obtained two computers and a printer through kind donations. A lot of our members are fluent in windows, Office package, and basics. Now our student has basic knowledge of advanced packages such as Graphics, Animation, visual Basic, web designing, Internet & Email etc. Now they are creating their own web pages. We are lacking of facilities to follow advance packages and to teach new comers. Day by day our members are increasing and now we have to face more difficulties with inadequate facilities