The First ‘A’ Grade Pass in English in Hingurukaduwa Village

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Many school children consider English as an uninteresting subject. Our aim, however, is to present English in a novel format. In addition to one of our students becoming the first in the village school to pass in English with a ‘B’ grade, our members have been able to achieve one ‘A’ grade, one ‘B’ grade and three ‘C’ grades. Encouraged with these results, our members are doing Advanced Level studies as well as are involved in improving their English knowledge.

The ‘A’ grade pass in English was achieved by Chamath, who is one of our team leaders. Prior to this, it was quite rare for even an ‘S’ pass to be there at the village school. Two of our students also satisfactorily completed an English medium Diploma course at a well known computer training institute in Colombo recently.  Since our students have been continuing with their English education without interruption, they will have the opportunity of doing online courses in English once they complete their Advanced Level examinations.

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