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Mr. Sunanda (Asst. Publishing Manager of Pariganaka Magazine), Mr. Donald Gaminithilaka , Mr. Gamini Akmeemana (Daily Mirror) visited our village on 1st October 2004 in the afternoon. We showed them several places of interest. First they went to meet the monk at Ranugalle Aramaya and then visited the waterfall. On 2nd October 2004, at about 9.00 a.m. the visitorss attended our welcome ceremony. After the event, we showed them our kids’ talents with VB, PowerPoint, and Flash, and creation of animations. They kindly offered to provide assistance to help us overcome our shortcomings. Our kids asked them about new software such as Moho, which we have to buy through the Internet. We received a lot of friendly advice. We saw that they were very glad to observe our talents. We held a meeting with our guests at which they expressed their opinions about our club. Our members and some of the parents attended this meeting. We also presented our dancing and singing events. The guests left our village at about 3.00 p.m.

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