Our Village

Our Village

Not the poorest village is Hingurukaduwa, and it’s our native place but it has many shortcomings and we suffer many hardships.It is in Badalkumbura AGA division of Moneragala District where the weather is not dry. Huge Mountains around our village and mass forests cover most of the area. Tea plantations and other commercial crops are, at the moment, not to be seen here. But 8 Km to the north you can see a large tea plantation and a large plantation of Sugar Cane. Before the Sugar factory was started at Pelawatta in 1983, most of our parents used Chena cultivation in addition to paddy cultivation. Because of Sugar industry most of our parents decided to join the factory as laborers. Due to this reason, chena cultivation, for the most part was abandoned.

Situation – The village is situated at Buttala, Passara road at Ihalakadukara Korale in Badalkumbura divisional Secretary’s area in the District of Moneragala in Uva province.

Locality – The locality is predominantly paddy agricultural and rural village with rural houses, gardens with banana plants. This is a hilly area, highlands not cultivated, extending the entire region, which is scantily populated.It is located along Buttala Passara road, along 17 Km away from Buttala town. This village falls within the local administrative limits of Badalkumbura Pradesiya samba and it is not a built up area of same. A sub post office of Hingurukaduwa, school, and rural hospital located just beyond the building of our organization. All the other important public institutions such as national school, general hospital police station, public market and branches of commercial banks are located in Passara and Buttala town. Divisional Secretariat is located about 25 Km away from our village.   

Services – Electricity, water services and high speed Internet connection are available in our area. There is a very poor public and private transport service operating along Passara – Buttala road, and the building of our organization is facing to that.

Cultivation – Generally villages have created near the paddy Dagaba, Wewa and paddy field,. In up country villages mainly created near the paddy lands which can get water supply easily. Village like Hingurukaduwa, Kottamuduna, Ranugalla are implemented near the large faddy lands. After families become bigger faddy lands had to divide in to small pieces. So the harvest was not even sufficient to fulfill their day-to-day needs. The cost of maintain for faddy lands became higher. People’s consumer needs also became very high. Lots of people in this area started to grow another crops instead of paddy.

This is how we thought to uplift our parent’s economy. As the first step we launched a pilot program, with five parents. The agriculture instructor from Passara explained that how we could get an unexpected income from the “Kithul Tree” (2005/02/04), We hope to give the information through this site. After the pilot program another five parents rushed to collect information from us.

There are so many families without having a faddy lands. So they have to struggle to make their living. We recognized lots of resources that we could developed our income. Some of the resources we can prepare to export. Kitul treacle is the one of our valuable resources of them. Hydro phonics cultivation also a alternative project to get a considerable income.